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Jutaro: The Revenge;


◆Accept your cursed fate!◆This is Jutaro. Jutaro is always being bullied by Gorio and Iyasuke. He's finally had too much. His pent up malice has awakened an ability to curse his bullies.
After being beat up by Gorio, balls of Malice come out of Jutaro's body! Collect the Malice to fill up Jutaro's Grudge Gauge!
When Jutaro's Grudge Gauge is filled, it's time for his revenge! There's nowhere to run now...
Twelve regular stages plus four special stages! Jutaro's curse changes with each stage!
◆Noburu Iguchi, a genius director of unparalleled skill!
Primarily a film director, Mr. Iguchi has directed many projects such as: Machine Girl, Tomie: Unlimited, Denjin Zaborgar, Tales of Terror The Movie, and Live.
A master of combining in-your-face terror with "so-bad-it's-good" style cheesy comedy, Mr. Iguchi is making waves in the casual game industry.
◆The characters were designed by Satoshi Yoshioka, a manga artist often featured on the covers of occult manga magazines in Japan.
◆Teppan Matarou, a Japanese comedian whose hobby is black magic, lends his voice to Jutaro.
!!! WARNING !!!This game features dark humor, occult references, violence, bullying, and revenge.We do not encourage bullying, violence, or revenge as portrayed in the game.DO NOT DO ANYTHING YOU SEE IN THIS GAME AT HOME. OR EVER.
◆This game is reccommended for:People who enjoy leaving a game alone for a whilePeople who want to relieve some stressPeople who enjoy strange things